The Feralings share musical DNA with other projects. Check below to learn more, stream, and maybe buy some new-to-you music.

The Mayflies (aka: The Letterpress Opry)

This is where much of it started, and The Feralings are the eventual evolution. The Mayflies were originally started by Patrick and Stacy, as a punky-old-country-rock hash. After being threatened with a lawsuit by a now dead but similarly-named band, they changed their name to The Letterpress Opry. Patrick eventually left the band (but continued to collaborate) and as the aforementioned litigious band broke up Stacy changed the name of the band back to The Mayflies. They continued to release albums ranging in nature from rock to bluegrass to hippie folk, with Benj and Nicole eventually joining the band as a regular members. 

Patrick Bloom / Patrick Brickel

Patrick left The Mayflies in 2003 to release a solo album on Trailer Records, a former small Iowa label showcasing midwestern roots music. Trailer Records eventually shut it's doors, but Patrick self-released more music as Patrick Bloom (because midwesterners can't seem to spell or pronounce 'Brickel').

AWFUL Purdies

The Awful Purdies are an eclectic quintet of female multi-instrumentalists from Iowa, and our pals. Nicole writes, plays, and sings with these ladies, and The Feralings are proud to share a a musical community with them.